Corporate Culture is the Key to Quality in the Workplace

A blog article by founder Firew Konjo
about Shimena’s corporate culture and the responsibility of equality in the workplace that comes with it.

Gender Equality

Shimena was founded on the belief economic independence supported by reliable and safe work enables women to make the best decisions for their families and themselves. During the past 3 years, we have witnessed this truth. We have seen the confidence in and the respect for women in our community grow alongside economic security. Maintaining this gender balance in our raw material production and preparation is part of our mission. Women comprise 60% of our employees while promoting changes in gender-demographics, as well as acknowledge and valuing women’s expertise and contribution to every aspect of our work.

Shimena’s work from home philiosophy

Most of our local hand weavers work from home on simple but extremely practical looms such as the one depicted. Shimena employs about 20 home based weavers who are paid on a production basis while working full-time jobs. As employer, we see it as our purpose to enhance working conditions not only on-site, but off-site as well. We upgrade their weaving equipment, provide training on ensuring best of qualities, giving access to financial savings and support artisans sending their children to school then helping them excel in the business world. In addition to this, we provide solar light if required and have established a saving fund for each of our employees such as the American 401-k. It is our duty to ensure that we are delivering the equivalency of quality as an employer, as we receive it by each and every one of our employees – and it makes us proud!


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