We pick our cotton on farms located in the lowlands near Abra Minch.

Our farmers enjoy working in the middle of the nature and the amazing panoramic views during the breaks.

The working atmosphere in the workshop is very harmonious and familiar.

While the spinners work very focused on their self-made spinning wheels they chat about local news and have a good time.

Threading the cotton is precision work at its finest.

One can hardly follow the nimble fingers of the employees.

It’s getting colorful. Our dyers use non-harmful, natural dye, we source from local plants and sand to enhance the yarn with unique colors.

With passionate dedication, our weavers follow ancient methods to braid a solid, consistent fabric.

The most experienced employees of Shimena do the final quality check. Their cautious eyes make sure, that each product matches the expectations of our customers and utterly represents the cultural heritage of the Ethiopian weaving culture.

Its getting hot. X is ironing the shawls

At … X sews on the unique Shimena labels

Quality check: X makes sure, that each product is well finished and ready for its customer to wear

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