Proud african fashion. Sustainable, fair trade, made in Ethiopia

Weaving friendships all over the world

The Vision

Shimena aims to preserve the, more than 2000-year-old, traditional handicraft of weaving to make it a sustainable, profitable job opportunity for this and all upcoming generations. The company and its partners plan to realize that, by connecting talented artisans, and hire unemployed people from the Arba Minch mountains and to provide them with training and education. The main goal of the founder Firew Konjo is to contribute to the wellbeing and livability of the Ethiopian community by creating employment.

Social Responsibility

Shimenas policy in terms of social responsibility contains fair payment, support of women entrepreneurship and training programs for the local youth to earn income by working within the production chain. 

Environmental Responsibility

We take several actions to protect our environment and to minimize our ecological footprint. We source almost all of our materials within 30 km distance and recycle the water and waste of the production. 

Project Supported by

Our Community

Shimena is proud to be a member of the Ethiopian Fashion Community, an association of several fashion brands, located in the beautiful country of Ethiopia.

Initiated by young Ethiopian entrepreneurs and supported by some international brand specialists, they created a network of small and medium-sized textile-businesses, with complementary product categories, to generate employment.


All involved companies share the same aspects and principles: They are crafting distinctive designed fashion out of contemporary textiles, sourced in Ethiopia, and pay special attention to their social and environmental responsibility.

With a long term vision, the project will enable the brands to soon be independent of support and successfully expand their business into the world.

More and new companies might join the Ethiopian Fashion Community and will learn from each other.

This should lead to a successful, independent, organically growing group of businesses in Ethiopia, that improve the living-conditions of many families.

Other brands of the Ethiopian Fashion Community are Kabana and Enzi footwear.